Age 60 Plus (Class 38)

Committee Contacts

  • Homecraft Director, Norma Raynard: 519-528-3502
  • Pat Weir
  • Elaine Errington
  • Mae Raynard

Rules and Directions

  • All Homecraft rules apply
  • Exhibit baking on unbreakable tray or plate inside a clear plastic bag
  • Attach entry tag on outside of bag with tape
  • Sewn, knit or crochet articles must have a sample of fabric, yarn or thread attached

Prize List

Amounts: $4.50, $2.50, $1.50, $1.00  

1.  Non flowering house plant
2. House plant, with bloom
3. Arrangement using fresh flowers. Max height 10” in total
4. Table runner made from seasonal fabric
5. Article made from your left over yarn. No samples req’d.
6. Cushion made from fabric, 14″ x 14″
7. Handy wipe kitchen towel
8. Homemade book marker
9. Pot holders, (2) made from fabric
10. Hand wrapped gift-name special occasion, size max. 6″ high x 6″wide
11. Handmade picture frame, ready to hang, made from recycled material, may include picture
12. Shopping bag-made from fabric
13. A collection of coasters (5) displayed on a tray
14. Garden vegetables (5) display on a tray, no added decorations.
15. Decorated wooden garden stake
16. Craft of your choice, material cost under $10
17. Craft of your choice, total material cost over $10
18. Original poem, composed by exhibitor, 12-16 lines, theme: My Garden”. Judged only on content and originality.
19. Penmanship, a handwritten copy of the following on a single sheet of paper – may be mounted on plain background but with NO added decorations.

Country Bound

All my life is wrapped in dreams

Of country sun and country rain;

One day soon I’ll be returning

To my country home again.

Circumstances may have bound me

To another place and time,

But the coming days will find me

Heading for that home of mine.

Take me back to country living,

Back to claim my roots again;

Walk me through a field of clover,

Stroll me down a country lane.

Then I’ll know I am not dreaming

When my feet caress the ground;

I must go where my heart leads me

And my heart is country bound!

                                               -Louis Godissart McQuillen