4-H Beef Invitational Show

Committee Contacts

  • Heather Barger, 519-528-2554
  • Don Alton
  • Bryon Black
  • Cathy Drennan

Rules and Directions

  • 4-H Invitational show open to all counties.
  • Entry fee of $5.00 to be paid at time of registration.
  • Must be a 4-H member and leading in his/her own current year’s 4-H project
  • Pre 4-H may show their calf with assistance from a 4-H member.
  • Pre-4-H are not eligible to show in section #34, group of three.
  • All 4-H members must register from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. No late entries accepted.
  • Judging begins at 1:00 p.m. sharp.
  • Arena locked during parade which begins at 11 am.
  • Entries will be stabled in the cattle barn.
  • All trophies & prize money will be presented on the day of the show.
  • Committee in charge will settle any disputes. Judges decision is final.
  • All participants must have their current year’s Project information Sheets available the day of the show.
  • Professionalism: Only registered competitors will be allowed to prepare their calves at the show. If you, as a competitor, feel unable to honour this request, we suggest you refrain from competing at this show (failure to honour this request may result in disqualification by show committee).
  • No cattle washed in cattle barn. All exhibitors bring your own straw. Following the conclusion of the show, exhibitors are asked to windrow the straw and dispose of all garbage.
  • Exhibitor or animals are not allowed to leave the fair grounds before 4:00 p.m.
  • Only authorized personnel allowed in show ring


  • All livestock exhibitors must have liability insurance and must declare same on entry form.
  • Junior (under 18 yrs) livestock exhibitors must have consent of the parent or guardian to show at Lucknow. Parent or guardian signature is required on entry form.

Prize List

Prizes (18 – 34):

Amounts: $40, $35, $30, $25, $20, $15, and all others $10

Beef conformation

  1. Pre 4-H Confirmation
  2. Pre 4-H Showmanship
  3. Market Steer
  4. Market Heifer
  5. Champion Market Animal
  6. Reserve Market Animal
  7. Breeding Heifer born Jan 1-Mar 31/12
  8. Breeding Heifer born Apr 1-Dec 31/12
  9. Breeding Heifer born after Jan 1/13
  10. Champion Breeding Heifer
  11. Reserve Breeding Heifer

Beef showmanship

  1. Senior 16 +
  2. Intermediate 13 – 15 YRS.
  3. Junior 9 – 12 YRS.
  4. Champion Showmanship
  5. Reserve Showmanship
  6. Group of Three: A group of 3 beef calves.