Field Crop Competition (Class 12)

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  • Allan Scott: 529-7953(w), 524-0044(c),

Rules and Directions

  • Final standing in each competition will be obtained by adding the Field Score out of 100 and the exhibit at the Fair out of 50.
  • In case of a tie, field score wins.
  • No prize will be awarded if there is no exhibit shown at the Fair.
  • There must be at least five acres to a field and all fields over the minimum will not be judged unless a five acre plot is suitably staked off by a planting of another type of crop.
  • Plastic bags for grain will be supplied by the Society. All grains must be untreated and placed in bags supplied.

Prize List

Prizes (1 – 7):

Amounts: $25, $20, $19, $18, $17; all other entries $1.00

  1. Hay – ¼ bale of first cut hay
  2. Wheat – ½ bushel exhibited in plastic bag
  3. Barley – ½ bushel exhibited in plastic bag
  4. Mixed Grain – ½ bushel exhibited in plastic bag
  5. Soybeans – 5 plants with roots
  6. Ensilage Corn – 6 stalks, (without roots)
  7. Grain Corn – 12 cobs

Prizes (8):

Four prizes awarded in gift certificates

  1. Best Average Awards: to the exhibitors entering 3 or more field crops and obtaining the best average on the 3 best scores