Junior Work (Class 40)

Committee Contacts

  • Homecraft Director, Cathy Conley: 519-528-2923
  • Karen Bridges
  • Elizabeth Irvin
  • Margaret Hamilton

Rules and Directions

  • To register and obtain an exhibitor’s number, contact Elizabeth Irvin after 1 p.m.
  • List exhibitor’s age on tag
  • If 10 entries or more in a class, two additional prizes of $1 will be added
  • Exhibits must remain in arena until 4:15 p.m. on the Saturday of the Fair

Specials Posters

The LAS reserves the right to keep the posters entered in specials category.

Prize List

9 years inclusive (as of Dec 31, 2016)

Prizes (1-11):

1. Scarecrow yourself. Make a body of a scarecrow out of construction paper. Use a photo of someone for the face.
2. Apple stamp picture. Cut an apple in half and use paint to make apple prints on a 8 ½”X 11” piece of paper.
3. Hand draw a picture of your favourite cartoon character on a 8 ½”X 11” piece of paper.
4. Tractor made of recycled materials.
5. Collage of pictures using the current Fall Fair theme.
6. Create a picture of a garden, using any medium (stickers, crayons, etc.)
7. Make a handmade Birthday card for someone special using a 8 ½”X 11” piece of paper.
8. Make an arrangement of flowers out of an egg carton.
9. Make a bookmark. Any media.
10. Paint a face on a rock. No larger than 6”.

Prizes (11):

11.Most points.

Prizes (12-13):

12. Create a school bus out of two (2) milk cartons.
13. Farm Safety Poster, illustrating 1 safety rule (12”X 18”)

10-13 years inclusive (as of Dec 31, 2016)

Prizes (14-23):

14. Handmade card for someone special using an 8 ½”X 11” piece of paper.
15. Alphabet art. Make your first initial out of old Christmas cards or magazines. No larger than 12”X 12”.
16. Make a bird feeder from an empty milk or juice carton, decorated. Must hang.
17. Decorate a pine cone like a Christmas tree.
18. Using the shape of a Maple leaf. Make a collage of things seen in Canada.
19. 3 paper snowflakes, mounted on blue construction paper 8 ½”X 11”.
20. Plasticine farm.
21. Most funny, colourful monster. Any media.
22. Crazy hair art. Make Santa’s beard, Rapunzel’s hair or someone with bed head. Any media.
23. Make a bookmark. Any media.

Prizes (24):

24. Most points.

Prizes (25-26)

25. Create a school bus safety poster (12”X 18”)
26. Farm safety poster, illustrating 1 safety rule (12”x18”)

14-18 years inclusive (as of Dec 31, 2016)

Prizes (27-36)

27. Design a New Jersey for your favourite sports team. On a (8 1/2”x11”) paper
28. Homemade Christmas decoration.
29. Draw your own original skateboard design. Skateboard templates can be found on the Internet.
30. Black and white sketch. Any subject in pencil or charcoal.
31. Most colourful flower done in oil pastel on black paper or Bristol board. No larger than 22”X28”.
32. Make a sign for a garden. Any media.
33. Create a marvellous Autumn mask by using leaves.
34. Create and display a way to repurpose an old picture frame or window frame.
35. Make a wreath out of an old wire hanger. Any subject. Decorated for any season. Must hang.
36. Any other media. Any subject.

Prizes (37)

37. Most points

Prizes (38-54)

38. Create a school bus safety poster (12”X 18”)
39. Farm Safety Poster, illustrating 1 safety rule (12”X 18 “)
40. Flower arrangement in a recycled container.
41. Flower head made of vegetables.
42. Three beets.
43. Largest zucchini.
44. Most unusual shaped vegetable, name what it resembles.
45. Most colourful flower display.
46. Grow a flower from seed in a pot.
47. Three red tomatoes, stem still on.
48. Vegetable plant in a pot.
49. Marigolds, 3 stems.
50. One floating flower bloom, in a bowl.
51. Any other flower not mentioned.
52. Largest sunflower head.
53. Tallest cornstalk with one or more cobs attached.
54. Tallest sunflower.

Prizes (55)

55. Most points.

Prizes (56-60)

56. 4 carrot muffins.
57. Ice cream cone Christmas tree, decorated.
58. Rice Krispie, garden critter or pest. Decorate and label what it is.
59. Candy kabob.
60. 4 Fall Fair theme decorated cupcakes.

Prizes (61)

61. Most points.

Baking Special
Prizes (62)

62. Plain (no nuts) Chocolate Chip Cookies competition
8 cookies judged on taste and presentation. Cookies must be no larger than 3” and no smaller than 2”. Open to youths, up to 15 years (as of Dec 31, 2016).

Hobby Display
Prizes (63-66)

63. Photo of your favourite vacation spot.
64. Wooden holiday wall hanging, handmade.
65. 4 decorated Christmas balls for a tree. Any media.
66. Apron with at least one pocket.

Prizes (67-76)

67. One photo, using Fall Fair theme.
68. One photo, any flower.
69. One photo, strange weather or clouds.
70. One photo, sports.
71. One photo, friends having fun.
72. One photo, sunrise or sunset.
73. One photo, tree(s).
74. One photo, planting the garden.
75. One photo, working the land.
76. One photo, pet(s).

CLASS 41 3-5 years inclusive (as of Dec 31, 2016)

Prizes (1-5)

1. Homemade card for any holiday.
2. Colour a picture of a tractor.
3. Finger painting on a 8 ½”X 11” piece of paper.
4. Cotton ball sheep. Using a toilet paper roll for the body.
5. Paper plate sunflower head.


  • JUNIOR- youth up to and including grade 4.
  • Intermediate- grades 5- 8.
  • Senior- grades 9-12.

Theme: Promoting your Fair
Poster to include:               

153rd Lucknow Fall Fair
September 16-18, 2016
“Sew it, Grow it, Show it”