Sheep (Class 5)

Committee Contacts

  • Hugh Todd: 528-2050
  • Keith Todd: 528-2650

Rules and Directions

  • LAS membership fee of $5 must be paid in advance
  • Exhibitors must register their entries and have them to the Lucknow Agricultural Society Secretary:
    Box 178
    Lucknow, ON N0G 2H0
  • Substitutions within class or section will be allowed at no cost if an animal becomes unfit to show.
  • All animals must be owned by exhibitor
  • Exhibitors will be limited to two sheep in each section and also limited to show in three classes
  • yearling ewe: third pair of temporary incisors must be in place
  • ewe lamb: full mouth of milk teeth
  • yearling ram third pair temporary incisors must be in place
  • ram lamb: full mouth milk teeth
  • flock: at least one but not more than two rams and each animal must have been judged in one of the aforementioned sections
  • get of sire: group of three lambs with full mouth of milk teeth and by the same sire.
  • Animals may or may not have been shown in previous sections1937153_942171885902950_8740040838711038852_n

Prize List

Prizes (1 – 36):

Amounts: $20, $18, $15, $12, $10

  1. Hampshire Yearling Ewe
  2. Hampshire Ewe Lamb
  3. Hampshire Yearling Ram
  4. Hampshire Ram Lamb
  5. Hampshire Flock
  6. Hampshire Get of Sire
  7. Southdown Yearling Ewe
  8. Southdown Ewe Lamb
  9. Southdown Yearling Ram
  10. Southdown Ram Lamb
  11. Southdown Flock
  12. Southdown Get of Sire
  13. Suffolk Yearling Ewe
  14. Suffolk Ewe Lamb
  15. Suffolk Yearling Ram
  16. Suffolk Ram Lamb
  17. Suffolk Flock
  18. Suffolk Get of Sire
  19. Oxford Yearling Ewe
  20. Oxford Ewe Lamb
  21. Oxford Yearling Ram
  22. Oxford Ram Lamb
  23. Oxford Flock
  24. Oxford Get of Sire
  25. Dorset Yearling Ewe
  26. Dorset Ewe Lamb
  27. Dorset Yearling Ram
  28. Dorset Ram Lamb
  29. Dorset Flock
  30. Dorset Get of Sire
  31. Any Other Breed Yearling Ewe
  32. Any Other Breed Ewe Lamb
  33. Any Other Breed Yearling Ram
  34. Any Other Breed Ram Lamb
  35. Any Other Breed Flock
  36. Any Other Breed Get of Sire
  37. Best Flock, Group of 4 Animals